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Uledger serves as "Your Digital Witness"​, focused on bringing trust, certainty and transparency to digital communications and information. ... Read more

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Our Review of Uledger


ULedger is an existing enterprise solution looking to improve their offerings by implementing blockchain technology. This project has a realistic chance of achieving considerable traction given its existing user base and working products. Although ULedger lacks much of a surrounding community, 30% of raised funds will be allocated to marketing, so that is likely to be improved. There is some uncertainty regarding the project's token economics.

  • Concept

    Concept Rating
    19 /30

    ULedger is building a blockchain protocol with an open API allowing for users to easily incorporate blockchain into existing IT infrastructure. The blockchain is used to create an immutable audit trail that certifies the content, timing, and source of data. The result is universally trusted data that can safely be relied upon for decision making, compliance and business operations. It should be noted that the project's primary focus is on document verification.

    Below is an overview of the three main products offered by ULedger:

    1. Data Assurance: enterprise-class blockchain-based data certification and third-party immutable audit trails.
    2. SMB & Family: data assurance, but for individual users
    3. Premium Service: token-based access to a premium tier of data-certification services in the ULedger network delivering enhanced speed of certification and immutability.

    While no roadmap is available, it appears the team is working on adding the proposed blockchain layer and the beta version of an identity authentication mobile app for which they have a patent. ULedger plans to continue with its existing early users and partners.

  • Team

    Team Rating
    20 /25

    The project team appears experienced in data science, blockchain, and business operations, and all team members appear committed to the project. The team does not appear to have hired any marketing talent. The project has raised funds ($600,000) from 7 different angel investors for early development. ULedger has also filed for patents, a positive signal to investors that this is a serious project.

  • Competition

    Competition Rating
    16 /20

    There are a number of enterprise solutions focused on ensuring data accuracy and document legitimacy. The most prominent company in the space would be Factom, as well as a more recent competitor in Tierion. Factom is well established and has won contracts from agencies within the US government. Tierion has over 500 integrations readily available and has partnered with Microsoft. ULedger has a shot at competing so long as they are able to secure enterprise adoption in the same way these earlier to market solutions have.

  • Economics

    Economics Rating
    10 /15

    ULD is the utility token required for receiving premium services on the ULedger network. The whitepaper stressed the fact that full functionality of the ULedger network is achievable without the use of tokens. The token value will be highly influenced by how many users opt-in to the premium services. Given the existing number of enterprises participating on the ULedger platform, it's reasonable to believe that premium services could see considerable adoption. Details on the Token Generation Event were not provided in the whitepaper.

  • Presence

    Presence Rating
    8 /10

    The team appears to practice solid social media fundamentals. It could be argued that a project of this nature will seek more enterprise partners than retail buyers, so metrics such as Telegram participants may only serve as a vanity metric in this context. The documentation presented (whitepaper, technical whitepaper) accurately conveys the project details in a relatively complete manner, but does lack information regarding token economics.

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