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Token nameREPU
StatusICO Ended
Funding CapETH 30,000
ICO startsMay 5, 2018
ICO endsJun 5, 2018
Token nameREPU
KYC/AMLNot Required


Our goal is to change the way of perception and interaction among social network users, through the use of the rating system, as well as the way of man... Read more

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Our Review of REPU


REPU need to make substantial improvements to the information provided on their project, and will also need to give consideration to areas such as legal, privacy and user traction. Base on REPU’s current proposition we believe this project poses a risk to investors.

  • Concept

    Concept Rating
    12 /30

    REPU is building a rating platform where users are able to rate both organisations and individuals and be rewarded in REPU tokens. REPU assert that existing services such as Yelp and Google reviews are too difficult to use and that there is no incentive for people to use them, resulting in a vocal minority skewing ratings negatively. REPU’s blockchain system will tie into all forms of social media, as well as the real world, and ratings can be given to an individual, both socially and professionally, as well as companies. User ratings will then be used to target ads back at that same individual, which we find somewhat questionable.
    REPU have estimated individual users will be numbered at approximately 500,000, and companies at 1,000, by the second half of 2018, though this seems highly unlikely. There is much emphasis on the earning potential for feedback providers as well as cost savings for businesses but privacy is never mentioned. There is also no mechanism for preventing malicious ratings, nor any mention of the legal risks in building such a platform.

  • Team

    Team Rating
    12 /25

    The two co-founders, Maksym Tkach and Maksym Lenets, work together at an real estate rental platform based in the Ukraine, with Tkach also freelancing on SEO projects. Neither appear to have sufficient network connections in either business or blockchain. Numerous members of the team attended the same university, are recent graduates, and have all worked for SoftServe and Inoxoft - both are software solution firms. Legal services are covered by four members of Amigo Partners, a legal firm established in 2017, which seems a little redundant, especially given there are gaps in other areas, such as marketing and social media.
    There are 11 advisors and all purport to have experience in blockchain/ICOs, though it appears some have only been involved in one other project prior to REPU. David Drake is listed as an Advisor, however, we were unable to confirm this.

  • Competition

    Competition Rating
    8 /20

    Applying blockchain to social reputation has great potential. For example, fake accounts, fake followers, and manipulated credits can be solved using blockchain. However, it is not clear how REPU plan to apply blockchain technology - will the platform focus on transparency, immutability, or something else entirely? REPU plans to integrate all categories of ratings into one platform, which is a unique idea, however the project will need to establish partnerships with companies such as LinkedIn and TripAdvisor for this to be effective, and the likes of TripAdvisor, as well as Google and Yelp, are more likely to be REPU’s main competitors, as well as other professional and social networks built on blockchain such as Indorse.
    We believe REPU have also underestimated how difficult it will be to fully implement this system as first REPU will need to convince companies to engage with the platform and then invest time and effort in its initial set up.

  • Economics

    Economics Rating
    3 /15

    REPU token is a utility token used to reward feedback providers, as well as to access the service, and to purchase offers from the company. The initial supply is 250 million with 80% being sold in the crowdsale. The soft cap is 3,000 ETH and the hard cap is 30,000 ETH, with 42% of funds raised being used for marketing, 20% for R&D, 18% for infrastructure and development, 10% will be reserved, 7% for operation costs, and 3% for taxes and other payments. Of particular concern is a lockup period applied to ICO tokens that extends to March 2019, a full three months after the team tokens are unlocked, and two months after inside buyer tokens are unlocked - this poses significant risk to investors.

  • Presence

    Presence Rating
    4 /10

    The whitepaper was obviously not written by a native English speaker and is overly focused on explaining basic concepts rather than providing technical information. The website is not very smooth, making it difficult to navigate, however the team have a history in SEO so the project is very easy to find via Google.
    REPU have a large bounty program so the Telegram group is dominated by bounty hunters, there was also a social media airdrop on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. The project’s Twitter account has nearly 5,000 followers and their blog has 1,600 follower, though this can not be reached directly from the website.

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