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ICO details

Token nameRankingBall Gold
Token total supply2,000,000,000
Accepted currenciesETH
StatusICO Ended
Funding Goal$ 3,000,000
Funding Cap$ 30,000,000
Presale startsMar 26, 2018
Presale endsMay 18, 2018
ICO startsJun 4, 2018
ICO endsJun 24, 2018
Token nameRankingBall Gold
KYC/AMLNot Required


RankingBall unlocks a new future for sports and esports, transforming fans from idle spectators to fully engaged participants who make skill-based, pla... Read more

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Our Review of RankingBall


This is a unique and interesting concept that potentially has a very large addressable market. The team is experienced and RankingBall has already raised $4 million in funding. The security nature of the token is risky but the dividend and PoS will attract long term investors.

  • Concept

    Concept Rating
    23 /30

    RankingBall is creating an online gaming platform that merges fantasy sports and sports betting. It is a skill-based, play-by-play prediction platform that allow users to compete, via mobile app, in a bingo system, where each section of the users playing card is a prediction-weighted potential in-game event. Players bet tokens and if the event occurs, users cards are awarded points, and ultimately determines the winner. The games are based on live feeds from e/sports events and as such, will incentivise users to watch the sports, and become more involved.
    RankingBall has partnerships with three Korean TV networks, as well as the PC game PUBG, which is one of the hottest streaming games on Twitch. The company also has investors that include P&I Investment, UTC, Magellan Technology Investment, and ES Investor. Limited open beta tests have already occurred in Korea, and according to the roadmap the platform will be launched in full beta in June 2018.
    As RankingBall crosses some many markets - fantasy sports, e-sports, i-gaming, gambling - it is difficult to determine the exact market, particularly as these markets vary region by region, however, the online gaming market is growing as is mobile gaming, especially with younger generations. It is certainly not the first crypto-based gaming platform, but it is a unique concept that will likely do well.

  • Team

    Team Rating
    20 /25

    There are 12 core team members, however, profiles could only be found on for the C-level team, who all have decades of experience and qualifications in science and business management. The CEO has founded a number of tech companies and has a Masters degree from Stanford. The CTO spent nine years at Playstation, while the CMO has spent time at Rovio and Big Fish, and is on the board of directors at Huuuge Games.
    RankingBall’s advisors are both experienced and well connected with backgrounds in sports television programming, blockchain and legal. This is an incredibly strong team with deep experience in the gaming sector. Given the C-level team, advisors and current state of the project, it is highly likely RankingBall will be able to build a successful platform.

  • Competition

    Competition Rating
    15 /20

    RankingBall sits at the intersection of gambling, fantasy sports, i-gaming and e-sports, which are all multi-billion dollar industries. While there are many competitors in these markets - including NoLimitCoin and DFS who are focused on traditional fantasy sports - RankingBall appear to have no direct competition and first move advantage in their specific arena, and the live feed component of the RankingBall platform really sets them apart.
    Post-ICO plans appear to focus solely on launching and acquiring new partners, as the product’s development is already fairly advanced. Provided RankingBall stays ahead of any newcomers, the project will likely see great success. Though we believe their forecasted growth rate is a little generous.

  • Economics

    Economics Rating
    9 /15

    The RankingBall Gold token (RBG) is an ERC-20 utility token that will be used as currency on the platform. Total supply is not listed but 50% will be sold across two sales, 30% will be held in reserve for in-platform use, 10% will go to business partners and 10% to the team. Following the first sale, 75% of tokens will be held by insiders. The token sale is set to start in April with a soft cap of 3,000 ETH and a hard cap of 40,000 ETH, at a base price of 50,000 RBG = 1 ETH. A second token sale is planned for Q4 of 2018.
    Of concern is the missing information regarding the total supply and the process around the second sale, as is the 75% of tokens the team will hold after the first sale. However, the bigger issue is that the token gives dividends, which would make it a security token. Future liquidity based on current information seems incredibly low, simply due to the security nature of the token.

  • Presence

    Presence Rating
    5 /10

    The website is adequate but the information provided seems to assume prior knowledge of the platform, and very little detail is given about the team; there is also key information missing about the token. The design of the whitepaper is quite simple but contains all the necessary information and strikes a good balance between marketing and technical. RankingBall have Telegram, Twitter, Facebook and Medium accounts but their following is virtually nonexistent. In addition, Google returns almost no results for the project. Given the lack of traction, it seems unlikely RankingBall will reach their 40,000 ETH hard cap.


  • Team member placeholder image
    Ken Hershman
    Advisory for Sports/eSports Gaming
  • Team member placeholder image
    Darren Kim
    CEO | Co-Founder
  • Team member placeholder image
    Charles Chang
    CTO | Co-Founder
  • Team member placeholder image
    Wibe Wagemans

Real Time Updates for RankingBall


  1. Apr 2018
    RankingBall MLB Official Service Launch
  2. Jun 2018
    RankingBall eSports open beta service launch
  3. Jul 2018
    2018 Russia World Cup with KBSN/SNS
  4. Aug 2018
    RankingBall Euro Soccer service official launch
  5. Sep 2018
    RBG Contest Service launch
  6. Oct 2018
    RankingBall eSports official service launch
  7. Jan 2019
    RankingBall Sports Data Providing API open
  8. Mar 2019
    RankingBall Golf / Cricket / Tennis / F1 service open

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