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Token nameNEO tokens
Token total supply50,000,000
Accepted currenciesNEO, GAS
StatusAwaiting ICO
Funding Goal$ 25,000,000
Funding Cap$ 25,000,000
Presale startsMar 31, 2018
Presale endsApr 14, 2018
Token nameNEO tokens
AMLNot Required
Restricted CountriesAlgeria, Bolivia, Côte d'Ivoire, Cuba, Ecuador, Indonesia, Iran, Islamic Republic of, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Morocco, Myanmar, Namibia, Nepal, Pakistan, Syrian Arab Republic, United States, Viet Nam


NEX is an all new “online crypto exchange” which makes use of the NEO blockchain It was launched in 2015, and over the years has morphed into a platfor... Read more

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Our Review of NEX


As one of the most highly anticipated upcoming token sales, Neon Exchange (NEX) appears a likely candidate for a relatively quick increase in token price upon launch. NEX is one of the first projects to apply the concept of a decentralized exchange to the NEO platform. Support from the founders of NEO could be a significant driver to the project's success. NEX could be classified as a security token, and therefore presents additional risk.

  • Concept

    Concept Rating
    27 /30

    Neon Exchange (NEX) is a decentralized trade platform based on the NEO blockchain (with future support for Ethereum). The platform combines the public blockchain with a publicly verifiable off-chain matching engine that is focused on handling large trade volumes and complex orders. A payment and funds management service will also be available. Long term plans include decentralized banking. Revenue is based on transaction fees. A test version is set to be available in Q1-2018.

    If successful, NEX would offer the security of a decentralized exchange with performance closer to a centralized exchange. This would represent a significant advantage over existing market alternatives. However, the selection of tokens available at launch will be limited, as NEX will primarily support NEO and NEP5. While the token is currently described as a utility token, it could soon be classified as a security.

  • Team

    Team Rating
    20 /25

    The core team consists of 10 people, almost all of which are developers. A review of Linkedin profiles shows the 5 co-founders have a wide range in an overall career experience, from 2 years to 10+ years. Those with less experience have advanced degrees in computer science or engineering (PhD, Masters). Many team members are active members of City of Zion, the open source NEO developer community. Overall, the core team comes across as very strong. There are only 2 advisors, but they are the CEO and CTO of Onchain, which seems to show official support from NEO.

  • Competition

    Competition Rating
    19 /20

    The competitive environment ahead of NEX will depend on how specific you choose to classify its services. As a cryptocurrency exchange, there is an extreme level of competition. As a decentralized exchange, there is less, but still a serious amount of competition. Finally, as a decentralized exchange operating on the NEO platform, there is little competition. NEX offers significant advantages over existing exchanges; as it is said to offer the security of a decentralized exchange paired with the performance similar to what a centralized exchange is capable of, thanks to the throughput capable on the NEO network. Switcheo appears a direct competitor also focused on the NEO ecosystem.

    There is reason to be optimistic about the success of NEX when you look to the rapid growth experienced by new players in the cryptocurrency exchange space. Binance rose from an unknown ICO to one of the biggest exchanges in the world. ForkDelta, a working copy of EtherDelta, is quietly generating over $2M/day with very little marketing or hype. It seems entirely possible that another new exchange could attract enough market attention to be deemed a success. NEO has a large, supportive following who may go out of their way to support a project running atop of their favorite smart contract platform.

  • Economics

    Economics Rating
    12 /15

    The NEX token earns users a share of revenue generated on the platform. NEX is currently described as a utility token, but it's possible it becomes classified as a security (token), as noted in the whitepaper. Total supply is 50M; of which 50% will be sold, 20% retained by the team, 15% to the NEO council, 10% to partnerships, 4% to a company fund, and 1% to an employee stock plan. As a result, 50% of total supply will be controlled by the team after the token sale; which could be concerning. The public sale begins in April and is based on a lottery system. The price per token is set at 1 NEX = $1 USD.

  • Presence

    Presence Rating
    10 /10

    The NEX whitepaper is relatively thin. The NEX website lists Twitter (55.6k followers, regular updates), Medium (6.2k followers, irregular updates), YouTube (378 subscribers, both listed videos are recently added), and LinkedIn (2,162 followers) for its social channels. NEX has generated significant hype and has tons of people talking about it throughout the ICO community. It is already being referred to as the “best ICO of 2018”, and has many near-perfect ratings on ICO review sites. The project has a huge community, however, it's safe to assume a lot of it is a result of fear of missing out (FOMO).


  • Team member placeholder image
    Fabio C. Canesin
    Co-founder and Developer
  • Team member placeholder image
    Fabian Wahle
    Co-founder and Developer
  • Team member placeholder image
    Da Hongfei
  • Team member placeholder image
    Erik Zhang
  • Team member placeholder image
    Ethan Fast
    Co-founder and Developer
  • Team member placeholder image
    Luciano Engel
    Co-founder and Developer
  • Team member placeholder image
    Thomas Saunders
    Co-founder and Developer
  • Team member placeholder image
    Nathaniel Walpole
  • Team member placeholder image
    Samuel J. Mansfield
  • Team member placeholder image
    David Schwartz
  • Team member placeholder image
    Evgeny Boxer
  • Team member placeholder image
    Carla F. de Paiva
    Marketing and Public Relations
  • Team member placeholder image
    Clare Saunders
    Marketing and Communications

Video - "Neon Exchange (NEX) ICO - The Future Of Trading | NEO | Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Crypto"

Real Time Updates for NEX


  1. Q1 2018
    Web Extension Launch
  2. Q1 2018
    Framework release
  3. Q1 2018
    Banking partner API template release
  4. Q2 2018
    Trading interface
  5. Q2 2018
    Matching Engine
  6. Q2 2018
    Settlement Layer
  7. Q2 2018
    API for dApps
  8. Q3 2018
    Token sale
  9. Q3 2018
    Cross-chain token support
  10. Q3 2018
    Token purchasing
  11. Q3 2018
    MainNet trading release
  12. Q3 2018
    Staking contract release
  13. Q4 2018
    Trading features
  14. Q4 2018
    Cross-chain support
  15. Q4 2018
    Index funds

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