Apr 5, 2018

Project Interview - RankingBall - Charles Chang

Project Interview - RankingBall - Charles Chang
On this interview we’re hosting Charles Chang, CTO and Co-Founder of Ranking Ball. With over 20 years of experience in gaming and the IT industry, including a successful exit in 2008 of Key2Net Solutions Inc., Charles is currently leading the product design for Ranking Ball.

[CM]: So, Charles, please tell us a little about RankingBall and what markets you operate in.

[CC]: At Ranking Ball we’re trying to unlock a new feature of sports and eSports - Transforming fans from idle spectators to fully engaged participants. We’re doing it by employing a Play-by-Play skill game built on blockchain. We’re mainly aiming for Fantasy Sports and iGaming (which is internet sports betting).

[CM]: And what solution does Ranking Ball bring to this market?

[CC]: We’ve identified that there’s a need for skill games in the sports betting industries, so you can say that we’re bringing a new and alternative solution to an existing market.  Those skills games for sports have been held back by technical issues and a steep learning curve, and we wish to make these games accessible for everyone. Our platform is designed from the ground up in conjunction with major sports networks in order to increase the viewership of sports. Ranking Ball will benefit both broadcasting companies, sports and eSports leagues by connecting the creators and providers of content - the leagues and the networks, to the consumers - the viewers and spectators, by creating an ecosystem in which all sides and interact.

[CM]: Is it a unique solution? What makes it stand out?

[CC]: As far as we know there haven’t been any ideas similar to ours. We’re basing our product on a real-time play-by-play sports data feed, which means that whenever you’re playing RankingBall, you’re actually playing whatever you’re watching live on your screen. It’s not a prop bet, but more of a skill game similar to fantasy sports. Normally, in fantasy sports, you’d have to analyze the performance of each player and choose which one you want to put in your lineup, which would take about 9 hours of research and studies per week, but with Rankingball anyone can jump right in. The lineup is arranged similarly to a bingo-sheet which is vastly familiar, and daubing (getting your guessed outcome) happens in real time as you watch the progress of the match.
[CM]: And how did the team come up with the idea?

[CC]: We’ve worked with one of Korea’s major broadcast companies, KBS, on the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014. They’ve realised that they needed a solution for them to interact with their viewers, so we developed a system for them that can be used for regular baseball and soccer seasons. While working on that system we’ve researched intensely on how we can increase the viewership engagement with the broadcasting companies and we’ve realised sports is a very core product for those networks. We’ve studied elements such as social casinos, sports bettings and fantasy sports and combined all their benefits into RankingBall.

[CM]: What are the main goals of the project?

[CC]: Our goal is to offer a unique standard in the industry which will be accepted by all sports fans around the world. We also aim to provide the world’s first real-time play-by-play eSports game as well, which means eSports fans can watch a match on Twitch.tv but also participate in the prediction and skill game that our platform provides.

[CM]: How much has the project raised so far, including pre-sale?

[CC]: So far we’ve raised a total $5 million USD in both private and pre-sale, which is still running.

[CM]: When do you plan to start and end the ICO?

[CC]: Our target ICO start date is on May 21st, and end date is on June 3rd.

[CM]: For a personal question: How did you get interested in blockchain? 

[CC]: As we were studying the market we realised that payments become an issue when it comes to sports and sports betting. There are a lot of payment aggregators and middlemen that take a lot of fees. By using blockchain we would allow the users to avoid paying these fees and create a system that would enhance our ecosystem and benefit streamers, gamers, eSports leagues and broadcasters alike.

[CM]: Any news you would like to highlight to our readers? 

[CC]: We just released the first beta version on the opening day of MLB, so if anyone’s interested in US Baseball they can jump right in at www.rankingball.com. It’s operational and free to use for the event period. Our Android App is already out and the iPhone app is in review and will be coming out shortly. We also have European League Soccer launching on our platform during the second half of the year. Also in the works are eSports such as: League of Legends, DOTA2 and CS:GO, and since the developers are based in Seoul - we also have a very close relationship with ‘PLAYERUNKOWN’S: Battlegrounds’. We’re working very closely with them to bring a very unique solution to the spectators of that game. So stay tuned and participate in our token sale. We expect a lot of excitement for the participants in our project!

[CM]: It’s great to hear about the platform already being up and running, Charles. This question also concludes our interview, so we thank you for your time, and hope to hear more good news from RankingBall in the future.

[CC]: Thank you, goodbye!



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