Apr 30, 2018

Coin Magnet Interview - Hybrid Betting - Emanuele Frisa

Coin Magnet Interview - Hybrid Betting - Emanuele Frisa
On this interview we’re hosting Emanuele Frisa, CEO and founder of the Hybrid Betting platform. A project with a radical idea of bringing 2 different markets together into a new and intriguing betting platform. Check them out at https://www.hybridbetting.com/

[CM]: Hey Emanuele, thanks for making your time for us!

[EF]: Hello and no problem!

[CM]: Let’s start off with an overview of Hybrid Betting: How would you describe your project?

[EF]: Hybrid Betting is a platform that’s going to operate in the betting and gambling industry to offer a fair betting environment, very similar to P2P but with some very big differences.

[CM]: Interesting. What solution does Hybrid Betting bring to the gambling industry?

[EF]: First of all, we’ve invented our own betting game. A game with no bookie, no algos, and no odds. Just competitors. Hybrid Betting is not just about betting odds, but also strategy and numbers. We call it “Strategic Betting”. The risk versus reward management and score calculations are proprietary to us and offered by no-one else. You can say that our solution is unique and brand new.

[CM]: So the uniqueness of the game system is what makes Hybrid Betting stand out?

[EF]: Yes. The scoring system and the way people win the game is unique. No odds.

[CM]: How did the team come up with this idea?

[EF]: The idea emerged in 2013 when I was thinking about a different approach to sports betting. As I’m a professional trader, risk management is a very basic aspect of my daily work. When I tried combining some online-trading concepts to a betting table and I like that idea very much. This was the basic principle that was implemented on our platform- players simply need to be the best control their leverage and risk versus reward in order to get the highest score and eventually win the game. When you play, the leverage grows your winning reward, but also the losing risk. The Handicap is a kind of a brake: In order to reduce risk you don’t play on that specific bet and take a smaller negative score! I love trading, where money and risk managements are very important parts of a business, and I’m trying to create a bridge between the trading and gambling universes. ‘Bet like a trader!’, you could say. This is also why I chose the word Hybrid to represent this concept.

[CM]: Sounds like a very fun concept! What are the main goals of the project?

[EF]: The main goal right now is to build a community of betting experts in order to see how bets will change as the numbers of expert punters grow. I think can be really interesting see the evolution of the community and the results so far.

[CM]: And what about your ICO schedule?

[EF]: We’ve just started our presale, and our ICO is due to finish in August. As I tweeted on 21st December 2017 when Bitcoin was at $15500-16000: We are in a bear market for crypto! I would like to eventually see the HYB token listed after we’re out of the bear market. Running an ICO in a bear market is more difficult, but the profit opportunities can grow exponentially if you are in a possible bottom and you face an upcoming bull market. The first thing I’m looking to do is being listed with the lowest possible price in cryptocurrencies in order to have less room for our token to go down. This is a risk reducing strategy. Just like stocks, cryptocurrencies are affected by overall market conditions!

[CM]: Looks like you put a lot of thought into that. For a personal question now, Emanuele: How did you get interested in blockchain?

[EF]: As I said, I'm a professional trader, so my interest in the blockchain is obvious. I've been
an early purchaser of bitcoin, during 2011 when they were under and around 100$, but I’ve been interested in it as early as in 2009. I think it can be a big revolution but crypto will have to face a lot of problems, the path is still long!

[CM]: Any news you’d like to highlight to our readers?

[EF]: Yes, definitely! I recently released an interview for Previous Magazine which is a pretty interesting read. Andrei Kanchelskis, former Manchester United and Russian National Team player has recently joined us as an advisor. And we also invite everyone to watch our introduction video.

[CM]: Great! Well Emanuele, that concludes our interview. As always, we’ll be staying tuned for further news that could also be found on Hybrid Betting’s Coin Magnet newsletter subscription.

[EF]: Thank you and goodbye!



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