May 8, 2018

Coin Magnet Interview - Anything App - Lodewijk Veldhuijzen

Coin Magnet Interview - Anything App - Lodewijk Veldhuijzen
Just as its name suggests, Anything App is a project aiming at helping you (or anybody else) over the phone with just about… Anything! Today with us is Lodewijk Veldhuijzen, CEO and Co-Founder of Anything App, for a more personal overview of his project. Check them out at

[CM]: How are you doing Lodewijk? Nice having you with us today!

[LV]: Hey! Thanks! How shall we start?

[CM]: Let’s start off with a short description of Anything App.

[LV]: Remember all those times that Google really wasn’t adequate and talking to a person would’ve been much more useful? That’s us. With our search engine, you can easily find an expert on any field and text, call or video-call instantly. You then pay this person for their time. Of course, you should become a seller yourself. Everyone has ways of supporting other people and there’s really no reason not to.

[CM]: And what markets are you aiming for with that?

[LV]:  Initially, we’ll have a strong focus on assisting start-ups and other business related advice. However, during this time, all options are still open and the market will decide the direction the App will take; within reason and well-guided, of course. We’re super conscious of our branding and marketing strategy and will make sure we highlight the right verticals at the right time. 

[CM]: What solution does Anything App bring to this market?

[LV]:  Our solution is giving access to high level information which is not readily available on the internet currently. Not only that, you’d have access to it instantly; no waiting. That’s a game changer. Being able to contact experts on legal, marketing, foreign markets, etc. easily? A start-up’s dream. Or any professional’s, for that matter.

[CM]: Sounds special for sure. But is it a unique solution? What makes it stand out?

[LV]: Currently active competitors in the market are and, where you’re also capable of calling experts. But all the power on those services is in the hands of the sellers. They also lack video calling, which is especially convenient as it’ll allow you to visually share the problems you need answers to and have access to a wide variety of services that have never existed before. Imagine showing a handyman a hole in the wall that you’re trying to fix or showing a plumber a leaking tap and being visually guided how to solve those issues, and even being guided by an accountant on how to clean up your files. is a competitor and was recently acquired for USD $120,000,000 by Coinbase. Experty and Vanywhere are still under construction, so we’ll have to see how those will eventually turn out.

[CM]: How did the team come up with the idea?

[LV]: I came up with the idea about 4 years ago. It was in a clothing store. As mundane as it sounds - I’m so very bad at shopping. I was trying out a pair of pants and for the life of me I couldn’t decide whether they fit me or not. I thought to myself “Why can’t I just video chat with someone who would tell me whether I should get these pants or not?”. It kind of resonated with me and soon enough developed into the more general question of “Why is it so difficult to connect with someone and ask them for their advice?” and so I decided to start a company around it.

[CM]: And what are your main goals with Anything App?

[LV]: If this picks up it will disrupt absolutely everything consultancy related! We’re talking bigger than Uber. If you think about it you’ll see that the potential of the company is absolutely scary. And if you ask me what is my personal aim with this company - I’ll say that it’s to help people make money. There are so many people who are struggling financially, and for them having access to an app where they can help other people and paid for their time can be absolutely life changing for them. We want to do that for them and also provide people with the amazing option to just immediately access other people for help and save themselves precious time.

[CM]: What about your token sale schedule? When is it planned to start and finish?

[LV]: The public pre-sale starts on the 28th of May and will run until the 17th of June, then the main token sale is from the 30th of June to the 30th of July.

[CM]: For a personal question - How did you get interested in blockchain? 

[LV]: My passion for blockchain started blooming really when I needed it for my product. I was introduced to Bitcoin 7 years ago, back when it was about $3, so I knew about the technology all that time. And about half a year ago I realized that this is the ideal solution for my company, which is when I started taking really deep dives into it. 

[CM]: Any news you would like to highlight to our readers? 

[LV]: On 2018 Q3 we’re releasing the app with a lot of features coming up, and we’re also releasing our second app in early 2019. Also, be sure to check out our product demos. We’re currently on our second prototype. 

[CM]: Very nice! Well Lodewijk, this concludes our interview. We wish you and Anything App the best of luck and hope to catch on with you for more good news in the future!

[LV]: Thank you too! Bye!



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