A new kind of Crypto Knowledge Base

What is CoinMagnet.io?

CoinMagnet.io is a social driven platform with the aim of expanding the crypto space market. We are building a cutting edge project listing service that will keep interesting parties from across the globe engaged with your project by sending personalised alerts. The first to benefit from Coin Magnet are projects like yours, that will receive a new kind of professional exposure from both newcomers to the crypto space, curious developers and potential investors.

Expand your audience

How can CoinMagnet.io help you?

CoinMagnet.io is led by experienced Crypto Analysts from the house of AmaZix. AmaZix has worked with over 30 projects to provide high level marketing and community management. Our combined experience gives us the insight and ability to produce this community booster platform that helps developers, investors and project leaders. We are doing it by the following channels:

Comprehensive analysis for new projects
first-to-market ICOs information
Articles and interviews from/on each project
Access to insights on the market from one of the leading crypto teams - AmaZix.
Reaching out was never as easy thanks to CoinMagnet.io with unprecedented access to all projects and potential investors by the first collective contact sheet.
We invest in marketing for you - CoinMagnet.io is aimed to reach worldwide recognition. As we grow, your project grow with us.